New Epson 1400 replaces aging 1280 printer

An Inkjet NEWS & TIPS article by Royce Bair for 2007 Jan 8

Epson announced at MacWorld that the new Epson Stylus Photo 1400 would replace the aging Epson Stylus Photo 1280 (which amazingly, has been around since 2001). Although the 1400 appears on Epson's Web site, Epson is currently out of stock on replacement ink cartridges, and most dealers will not be receiving the printer until sometime between Feb. 18 and Feb. 23. Here are the major features and differences between the 1400 and the 1280:

Use new Claria dye-based ink. 6 individual "High-capacity" cartridges. Dye-based ink. 2 cartridge system one for black, one for all 5 colors.
"5760 x 1440 optimized" dpi. As small as 1.5 picoliter droplet. DX5 small as print head delivers 5 droplet sizes. "5760 x 720 optimized" dpi. As small as 4 picoliter droplet. Print head delivers 3 droplet sizes.
MEDIA HANDING: Up to 13" x 19" sheets Borderless sizes from 4x6 to 13x19 Direct CD / DVD Printing Up to 13" x 44" panoramas Borderless sizes from 4x6 to 13x19 Roll Paper Holder accessory
PRICE: $399.99
PRICE: $299.00 (after $100 mail-in rebate)

COMMENTS: Both printers are ideal for 12" x 12" scrapbook printing and 13" x 19" prints. The new 1400 does NOT have a Roll Paper Holder accessory. The older, 1280 printer does - so if you have a need roll printing support, you may want to purchase the Epson 1280 before it goes away!

The new 1400 has slightly better resolution and smaller ink droplet delivery for finer and smoother printing -- but was barely discernible without the aid of a magnifying glass. Six individual High-capacity ink cartridges should be more efficient than the old two cartridge system on the 1280. (It better be, because to replace 6 cartridges on the 1400 costs a total of $113.94 vs. the $52.15 for the two cartridges on the 1280!)

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