An Inkjet NEWS & TIPS article by Royce Bair for 2006 Dec 28


When the Epson Stylus Pro 3800 was first announced, many were disappointed that it did not offer roll paper support. While it's always nice to have plenty of options, we thought it would be a good idea to review some of the misconceptions about roll paper advantages over sheets, as well as the true benefits of using roll paper.


  1. ECONOMY: False! It is a common misconception that roll paper costs less than sheets. Some roll sizes actually cost more per square foot than their comparable sheet formats, because of converting costs. Where rolls are less expensive, waste (the amount of leader required to start printing, and the space between each print) can quickly eliminate the price advantages.

  2. UNIQUE SIZE OPTIONS: With roll paper, you can create virtually any print format, especially long panorama formats, and you often incur less waste on these non-standard sizes.

  3. AUTO FEEDING OF HEAVY MEDIA: Many fine art papers, and all canvases can only be loaded one sheet at a time, so having the same media on a roll allows for uninterrupted printing of multiple print jobs - a real time saver.

  4. BORDERLESS PRINTING: With some printers, this is the only way to get borderless printing on some format sizes.

  5. UNATTENDED PRINTING: If you need to print fifty 16x20 prints unattended (overnight), a 100 foot roll will handle the job just fine. Most printers can only hold 25 or less sheets and will occasionally jam. If you're around to load more or fix the jam/mis-feed it's not a problem, but if you just went home and were expecting to find all your prints done when you came back - you'll be disappointed.


  1. NO CURL: Having to uncurl or "D-roll" prints made from roll paper is time-consuming, whereas pre-cut sheets are already flat and ready to give out to your customers.

  2. LESS or NO TRIMMING: Sheets require less post-printing trimming, or none at all.

  3. TRUE BORDERLESS PRINTING, with no trimming: Even with "borderless" printing on roll paper, you might still have to trim off the top and bottom of the print (unless your printer supports "double-cut" - otherwise only the sides are "borderless" when using roll paper).

TRIMMING PRINTS: Need a good paper cutter? Your editor has used the British made RotaTrim brand for over 20 years and highly recommends this brand. I have an 18" model that after 20 years of use still cuts accurately with the same rotary blade. These trimmer/cutters can make even the slightest trim with superb accuracy and with the cleanest cut.

I have four models: 18", 24, 36" and a 54", and probably use the 24" the most. (Note: prices are in British pounds, and they only ship within England.)

Bogen is the main USA distributor for this product. The 24" RotaTrim Professional Mastercut lists for $418.


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