Saturday, May 19, 2007

Go ahead and bribe me

The Wall Street Journal ran a story on May 15 about “blogola” (a play on the word payola)—the gifts, trips and access some companies are giving the high-traffic bloggers in exchange for positive coverage on their sites:

Who says you can’t buy love? Trying to tap into the burgeoning power of blogs as promotional tools and fed up with the jaded attitudes of professional critics and TV feature writers, studios and networks are flooding bloggers with free stuff in hopes the flattered recipients will reward them with positive coverage. Flowing into the trough is everything from fancy gym bags and toasters to video iPods and free trips. Some networks—in the spotlight this week as they unveil their fall schedules to advertisers—have even borrowed a term from the technology industry to describe the strategy: blogola.

The newspaper reported that CBS recently flew a group of “mommy bloggers” to California to visit the set of “The New Adventures of Old Christine.” The Fox News Channel invited several New York media bloggers to an unnamed industry dinner attended by President Bush. The ABC Television Studio cast blogger Michael Ausiello in a speaking role in “Scrubs.”

This story has prompted many bloggers to blog about the ethics of taking gifts. Some have been horrified. Others, like me, just wanted to know when my blogola is going to arrive. wink

Posted by Royce Bair on 05/19 at 08:10 PM

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